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SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017)

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017) full

SINFUL KIXX were another glam / melodic hard band that never made it big, but for sure had the songs. Their indie release "Midnight Fantasy" has been digitally remastered by Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records to deliver some over the top early '90s glam metal / melodic hard rock right to your door.

Here’s one of those band’s that was, at one point, fetching upwards of $1200 for a CDr copy of their original '92 indie release. Thanks to Demon Doll Records, now we have a quality silver pressed official release remastered from the master tapes, and available at a decent price.

These sinners weren't rocking the Sunset Strip bars, as in fact they were from UK, but perfectly learned the lesson of how to cook good, catchy melodic hard rock tunes.
Part Slaughter, part Tigertailz, part Warrant, the band slams the sledgehammer down with tracks like "Midnight Fantasy", "Dead Or Alive", the power ballad "Once In a Lifetime" and the sure to have been radio favorite "Sinners Boulevard".
A few listens to this album will have everyone lighting up a pack of smokes and hitting the liquor store for the that sweet bottle of Jack Daniels.

SINFUL KIXX - Midnight Fantasy [Remastered] (2017) back

Sounding pretty American but with that special British melodic touch - check the melodic hard rock oriented "Inside of Me" - Sinful Kixx shows solid musicianship and a bunch of very catchy songs.
If you love your glammy melodic hard rock with some attitude and a whole lot of catchiness, "Midnight Fantasy" will delight your ears for sure.
Highly Recommended

01 - Midnight Fantasy
02 - Dead Or Alive
03 - Sinners Boulevard
04 - Watcha Gonna Do
05 - Alright All Night
06 - Breakin' Out
07 - Only Child
08 - Shootin' You Down
09 - Askin' Myself Why
10 - Too Much Fame

Vocals – DD Foxx
Guitars – Ian Michael
Drums – Gary Hunt
Bass – AJ

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BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017)

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017) full

After more than 20 years, BACK ALLEY SALLY finally got digitally remastered their one and only self-titled rockin' album, originally released in a time when this type of music was almost profane.

Back in 1995, vocalist Mark Stone, guitarist Michael Sexton and drummer Martin Gaboury didn't care about the depressive rock sounds ruling the airwaves. Their motto was dirty, Sunset Strip fun hard rock like it used to be in L.A. circa 1988, and founded Back Alley Sally in 1993.
The boys certainly brought some serious piss and vinegar to the gritty streets Hollywood, and managed to get a strong fan base faithful to the fun rock n' roll days.

Mixing classic bluesy hard rock riffs with the swagger of bands such as Salty Dog, Rock City Angels, Junkyard and a bit of Motley Crue, Back Alley Sally recorded their self-titled debut in 1995, released via the small label Big Bang Records.
Kick ass rockers like “Candy Cane”, “Gone for Good”, the riff monster “Dreamer”, “Cocaine” or "Walking Down The Road" could have been hits some years before. And they save room for a bluesy ballad, “Ain’t the Same”.

BACK ALLEY SALLY - Back Alley Sally [remastered] (2017) back


Get the neighbors ready, lock the doors, and let it rip... Back Alley Sally are once again reeking the havoc this release did more than 20 years ago.
Digitally and fully remastered, the sound is darn good.

01 - Walking Down the Road
02 - Changing Me
03 - Woman for Me
04 - Candy Can
05 - Things Are Gonna Change
06 - Number One
07 - Gone for Good
08 - Waste My Time
09 - Dreamer
10 - No Love
11 - Ain't the Same
12 - Don't Kill Yourself
13 - Cocaine

Mark Stone: vocals
Michael Sexton: lead guitar
Mike Thomas: rhythm guitar
Cory Dom: bass
Martin Gaboury: drums

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LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016)

LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016) full

With the original indie edition fetching over $200 on auction sites, it was time for a reissue of LIXX ARRAY’s "Reality Playground" to be reissued, and digitally remastered.

Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with founder and guitarist Blake Hastings to finally unleash the 1992 debut album that, if released three years before, would have taken the world by storm.

In 1992, Lixx Array was the talk of the town, sold out shows at The Roxy, The Whiskey and The Troubadour headlined the music press, celebrity sightings at their shows was the norm (appearances by Hollywood celebrities such as Mick Jagger, Alan Thicke, Sam Kinison, Kristy Swanson and Michael Anthony of Van Halen were frequent occurrences).
The owned their home turf of Orange County, CA and their record was practically made out of gold as "Reality Playground" proved to be the best independent melodic hard rock release in the area.

With songs like “Bad Man”, “Inside Of Me” and the catchy Warrant-like “Table For Two”, there was no wonder they were one of the hottest acts in Hollywood. Lixx Array was one of a few bands in the U.S. to be added to the play-lists of top "P1" radio stations, which are typically dominated by the major labels.
Over 50 rock stations nationwide had them in regular rotation with several singles appearing on regional top ten lists. The boys also graced the pages of the Los Angeles Times, BAM and Metal Edge as well as scoring four songs in the movie "Animal Instincts".

LIXX ARRAY - Reality Playground [remastered] (2016) back

Now many years later, the record is back and stronger than ever, digitally remastered and repackaged with new artwork.
Despite its indie origin, production is truly professional from the inside out, while Lixx Array’s high quality guitar layered grooves, powerhouse choruses and catchy harmonies made this release a very strong melodic hard rock with a true 1989-91 sound.
Fans of Warrant, Trixter, Steelheart, etc, need to check out this one.
Highly Recommended

01 - Bad Man
02 - Inside of Me
03 - Table For Two
04 - Really Hits Home
05 - Right From the Start
06 - Ready or Not
07 - Thrills Behind the Wheel
08 - Once In a Lifetime
09 - Good Life Groove
10 - Hearts on the Line

Rusty Dades: lead vocals
Blake Hastings: guitars, backing vocals
Rob Swanson: bass, backing vocals
Barry McGill: drums, percussion, backing vocals


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SWEET SAVAGE - Sweet Savage [first time on CD, remastered +8] (2017)

SWEET SAVAGE - Sweet Savage [first time on CD, remastered +8] (2017) full

Adding one of the best underground Glam Rock bands of all time to their roster, Demon Doll and Metal Legacy Records have teamed up with singer Joey C. Jones to bring you the worldwide cult classic EP 'SWEET SAVAGE'. Freshly remastered, this EP has waited over 30 years for a proper reissue.

 Sweet Savage was one of Hollywood's elite bands at the beginning of the hair metal era in the Sunset Strip.Managed by the likes of Riki Rachtman and with the EP produced by Vinnie Vincent Invasion / Slaughter bassist Dana Strum, Sweet Savage dominated Los Angeles underground bars at the end of the first half of '80s with their Glam Rock anthems and incredible live performances.One listen to "On The Rocks", "Break Away" and "Do Ya" and you'll completely understand why Poison were opening for them.

 Releasing the album on their own in 1985, the self titled EP quickly gained favorable reviews in America and Europe. It secured the top slots of Kerrang magazine’s import record chart for 16 weeks ahead of such acts as Bon Jovi or Cinderella, while Metal Forces magazine gave it a ranking of 88 out of a possible 100…

With the resulting positive feedback, the first pressing of the EP quickly sold out and another run was done. Soon, the record would go on to independently sell over 90,000 copies and routinely out chart Poison, Cinderella and Queensyrche at various selling lists.Now the record is back in all its glory and ready to take ownership at the top of your playlist once again.

Besides the five epic original vinyl-EP tracks, this remastered reissue CD also features 8 bonus tracks, two studio and five like takes.Included is the never before released track "Night Is Calling" which was to be featured on a major motion picture soundtrack that eventually did not see the light of day. Both the studio version (which was recorded at Michal Jackson's studio) and the live recording are included to give you insight into both worlds.

Sweet Savage were among the pioneers of the original Hollywood Glam scene alongside Motley Crue, Ratt and Poison, and you can hear it in every note.

They never achieved the platinum status of these famous acts, but certainly were on par in terms of musicianship and catchy, hooky songs.

Highly Recommended


01 - On The Rocks

02 - Do Ya

03 - Fox On The Run

04 - Head Over Heels

05 - Break Away


06 - Desert Rose

07 - Night Is Calling

08 - Deja Vu (Live)

09 - Cut It Out (Live)

10 - Crank It Up (Live)

11 - Shape Of Things (Live)

12 - Night Is Calling (Live)

13 - Gonna Lose That Girl Tonight (Live)


Joey C. Jones: Vocals

Chris Sheridan: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Randy St. John: Drums

Laine Sheridan: Bass, Backing Vocals





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SYRE - It Ain't Pretty Being Easy [remastered] (2016)

SYRE - It Ain't Pretty Being Easy [remastered] (2016) full

Another Canadian hard rock-related band which is getting a deserved remastering are SYRE, with the reissue of their excellent debut titled "It Ain't Pretty Being Easy".Despite of being released by major label A&M in their native Canada, the band never become widely known, but judging their quality material they should be heard by all fan of the Melodic Hard Rock genre.

Active during the second half of the '80s / early '90s, Syre toured relentlessly playing over 250 shows a year on a consistent basis and the fans reveled in every minute of it. Syre always made it a point to involve the fans in every live show they played. Often wading through the crowd during performances and more often than not inviting the entire audience to the nightly after show festivities for a night cap.

"It Ain't Pretty Being Easy" is all about fun, party rock with a melodic hard rock feel.
They rock with catchiness since the opening riffs of "Flaunt It", the band get the party going with "Summertime" (title says all), or "Say Hi To My Girlfriend" and "Never Said Goodbye" - both moderated singles in Canada & Europe.
There is no wonder why they still hold club attendance records across Canada.

But the band are more than just a party act and tracks like "You Never Looked Back", "Never Said Goodbye" and "In Your Eyes" proved that Syre could cut a deadly AOR tune when they wanted to.
Particularly "In Your Eyes" is one of the hidden gems from the era, and that song is worth getting the disc in itself.

The stories of Syre and their debauchery back stage shall live on forever, and now with the official reissue of this really good late '80s melodic hard rock piece, the music gets a digitally remastered release with a superb sound.
HIGHLY Recommended

01 - Flaunt It
02 - Say Hi to My Girlfriend
03 - (Can't Believe) I'm With You
04 - You Never Looked Back
05 - Summertime
06 - Friday's Smile
07 - The Way You're Looking Tonight
08 - Never Said Goodbye
09 - In Your Eyes
10 - Ain't Seen Nothin'

Doug Weir - lead vocals
Rick Mead - guitars, vocals
Chip Gall - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Chris Caron - bass, vocals
Jamie Constant - drums


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HARLOTS WEBB - Wild Times [remastered] (2017)

HARLOTS WEBB - Wild Times [remastered] (2017) full

Indie release originally appeared in 1990, "Wild Times", the one and only official album from Canadian hair / glam metal act HARLOTS WEBB has just been remastered / reissued. Harlots Webb was formed in 1983, recorded several songs / promo singles, played live and had considerable airplay but didn't get a major deal despite the local buzz. 

During the second half of the Eighties the great deal was to be in L.A. doing the glam thing, certainly not Vancouver, B.C., but the guys remained in their homeland.
Hence, their debut CD "Wild Times" was released via an indie record company, got exhausted soon and become a collectors piece. With influences such as Britny Fox, Slaughter, Dokken and Danger Danger, Harlots Webb’s "Wild Times", will transport you back in time to the days when hair metal ruled supreme.  

As usual with Canadian bands, and despite the self-managed production, there's a polished sound, pristine vocals, shredding guitars, a slamming rhythm section and knock out songs, painting the canvas for one hell of a release that should have been blistering in full rotation on Headbangers Ball.

HARLOTS WEBB - Wild Times [remastered] back

Digitally remastered and reissued for the first time, Harlots Webb’s "Wild Times" is highly recommended to any fan of the '80s hair metal / glam scene.
Very well recorded & produced, the band had 'the necessary charm' to become big in the US, but decided to stay in their native Canada. If you like the influences mentioned above and the polished side of glam (many times melodic hard rock) you need to check this album.
Highly Recommended

01 - Wild Times
02 - Wanted For Love
03 - Dream About Me
04 - Just Another Night
05 - Cool To Me
06 - All Night Long
07 - Push Comes To Shove
08 - Fire
09 - Forever
10 - Stars & Stripes

Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Ken Stone
Guitar – Dan Fortier
Bass – Mike Bailey
Drums – Cary Kelly


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SANTA ANA WINDS (David A. Saylor) - Santa Ana Winds (2017)

SANTA ANA WINDS (David A. Saylor) - Santa Ana Winds (2017) full


SANTA ANA WINDS is the self-titled debut from a project created by AOR Blvd Records. Conducted by the great David A. Saylor (in his last recording before his recent death) and long time collaborator keyboardist John Dewsbury, "Santa Ana Winds" features three lead vocalists; David Saylor himself, Brad Henshaw (Road Kings) and newbie Rebecca Owen. Of course, this is pure AOR in the best '80s tradition.

The idea was to carefully select & record obscure AOR songs from the past - some of them never officially released and only known as demos - with a new feeling and arrangements. Saylor's vocals did not need introduction to AOR fans, but I have to mention Brad Henshaw as a true revelation as AOR singer, plus Rebecca Own provides the sweet female touch, while Saylor's daughter Romany does some backing vocals.

Let start with Brad Henshaw's songs: 'Don't Stand In My Way' (originally done buy Charlie) and since its opening keyboards you fall in love. Great guitar work by Saylor and a true AOR melody for the heart. Bill Quateman's 'Love Is A Mystery' is another highlight with keyboard lines that melt into your skin. Brad's voice is full of mysticism and suggestive phrasing. Awesome. The last Henshaw vocal contribution is heard in 'You', and obscure LaMarca song. This is another perfect demonstration of Brad's talents, and this 1985 song still delivers magic in 2017

Now let's go with Saylor's lead vocal tracks: 'Blinded' is perhaps the best known cut here, the Stan Bush song. Saylor makes it his own with this killer performance. Play it to your friends to show them what AOR is all about. 'Clocks' is an obscure, unknown track once recorded by Sad Cafe. An almost spiritual ballad, this is a journey in time where the clock stops and you keep still enjoying the moment.

The last David Saylor performance is on closer 'If We Call It Love', an original Fake ID demo. I love this song, and I love the way Saylor has crafted the main melody. Then we have the delicate and feminine part on the record, the songs performed by the unknown Rebecca Owen. And what a find she is. "In Time" is a delicious midtempo where her vocals are the sweetest thing, and then she does again a great interpretation of Outside Edge's song 'Teardrop', this time with more muscle and passion.

SANTA ANA WINDS (David A. Saylor) - Santa Ana Winds (2017) back

"Santa Ana Winds" is a terrific AOR bringing back those glory years from the '80s. Albums of this quality standard do not get made very easily in 2017. What is on offer here is a classic AOR sound which captures the genre perfectly. It is produced with a very limited budget however and it shows, but do not let that put you off this album as the quality of the songs and the performances shine through.

Rebecca Owen is a really great find and Henshaw sings like a giant, great voice. Is there anything that David Saylor can't sing? I've sang his praises a few times on here and he never fails to deliver top quality AOR, and Santa Ana Winds is no exception.

A Must.


01 - Don't Stand In My Way

02 - Blinded

03 - In Time

04 - Love Is A Mystery

05 - Clocks

06 - Teardrop

07 - You

08 - If We Call It Love

David Saylor: lead & backing vocals, guitar, bass, drums

John Dewsbury: keyboards, programming

Brad Henshaw: lead vocals (1, 4, 7)

Rebecca Own: lead vocals (3, 6)

Romany Saylor: backing vocals


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DAVID A SAYLOR - Built 2 Fight (2015)

DAVID A SAYLOR - Built 2 Fight (2015) full


Wild Rose and Push UK vocalist <b>DAVID A SAYLOR </b>has been delighting us with a bunch of lovely pure AOR albums in the last four of five years, now returns with a another smooth record entitled "<b>Built 2 Fight</b>" again with notable contributors as guests such as guitarists David Mark Pearce, Brett Hammond and Nik Lloyd providing great guitar solos to enhance these wonderful, sweet AOR tunes.

Do you remember the days when an artist or band released a new album within a timeframe of some 12 to 18 months after their latest offering? Nowadays it's a different story. Some even wait 5 to 10 years before treating their fans to new music but fortunately there are exceptions like mister David A. Saylor.
It's true that David has a gap of some 2 decades between his first solo record "One On One" (that featured a mix of songs sung in Spanish and English) and 2012's "City Of Angels" but he has come up with a new platter in each of the following years.

With putting out albums in such quick succesion also comes the danger that the quality of the songs suffers but that is definitely not the case here.
Sure things sound familiar (think Pride Of Lions, Strangeways, FM, Drive She Said, Michael Thompson Band) on more than one occasion but that makes each of the tracks so instantly likable to every classic AOR fan.

Main ingredients remain David's warm, slightly raspy and emotional vocals and whole range of superb harmonies and melodies. Add to that the musical talent of those involved and you have once more a release that will please you from the first bars.

DAVID A SAYLOR - Built 2 Fight (2015) back

Saylor play almost all instruments with the exception of guitar solos - you need skilled axe-mans for this and all three involved are great - some special keyboards, and guest backing vocals to enhance the rich harmonies.
All tracks, as said, are pure AOR goodies, just to mention few; the glorious and highly intoxicating "Alibi" on which David is joined by fellow melodic rock/west coast artist Indigo Balboa, and the slow burning "The Time Is Now", two tracks which paint you the perfect musical picture of what to expect on "Built 2 Fight".
AOR fans, rejoice.


01 - Built To Fight
02 - The Time Is Now
03 - Way Down The Line
04 - The Girl From Tokyo
05 - No Fear
06 - This Is It
07 - Alibi
08 - La Chica De Tokyo
09 - Follow Me

David A. Saylor: lead vocals, All Instruments
David Mark Pearce: guitar solos (3,6,7)
Brett Hammond: guitar solos (4,8)
Nik Lloyd: guitar solos (1,2,5)
Paul Pryor: bass
Rob Hewns: drums
Jon Dewsbury: additional keyboards
Indigo Balboa: additional vocals (7)
Romany May, Erika Jones, Azahar Lopez: backing vocals


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RADIOACTIVE - F4UR [Japanese Edition] (2015)

RADIOACTIVE - F4UR [Japanese Edition] (2015) full


As the title suggests, "F4UR" this is indeed album number 4 from RADIOACTIVE, the brainchild of super talented Swedish guitarist/songwriter Tommy Denander and on each album to date he has had a series of top Melodic Rock and AOR vocalists, and on this album he has the best yet!

"F4UR" is the first Radioactive album in nearly 10 years and has been recorded at different stages of the past decade.
Sadly two of the vocalists on here are no longer with us. Survivor vocalist Jimi Jamison is on top form (although to be fair he never gave anything less than 100% when singing?) on opener "Summer Rains", a perfect melodic tune with a Survivor-like musical backing. Love the acapella start that leads nicely into the keyboards.
Former Toto / Le Roux vocalist Fergie Frederiksen is on the catchy "Back To The Game", and unsurprisingly sounds like it came of the Frederiksen / Denander album of a few years ago. Another top tune.

Great to hear Jeff Paris again and he gets two songs, "Start All Over" is one of the best songs on the album, a classy Melodic Rock song and a familiar lyric of lost love and starting again.
Jean Beauvoir (Crown Of Thorns) is on the album’s curveball, "You’ll Find The Fire" that mixes his distinctive vocals to a electro/synth beat. Sounds strange but it works, adding variation.
The always solid James Christian sings up a storm on "Give Me Your Love", the heaviest song on here, whilst his other half, Robin Beck, not to be outdone shines on "When Silence Gets To Loud". Get this tune on radio and you’d have a hit, one of those pop/melodic rock crossovers that builds from a gentle start to a big, memorable chorus.

Long time musical collaborator Bobby Kimball (ex-Toto) appears on "Heart Come Alive", which sounds like a Toto song in style (Denander is a big fan) and the keyboard arrangements in particular.
The real surprise vocalist on here is former Kansas Steve Walsh. He sings on "The Piper" and is another album highlight. Shades of Mike Slamer in the guitar and reminded me of Steelhouse Lane.

RADIOACTIVE - F4UR [Japanese Edition] (2015) cd photo

Often these musical projects can sound disjointed or there are only a few decent singers involved, not in this case with Radioactive, as each vocalist is superb and still have their vocal power in spades.
Tommy Denander of course adds in some classy guitar solos when required, the guitarist is quite happy to share the limelight with the singer on here.
Not a duff song in sight, F4UR is a real treat for Melodic Rock / AOR fans.

Rubicon Japan ~ DAKRBNCD-1186

01. Summer Rains (vocals – Jami Jamison)
02. Back To The Game (vocals – Fergie Frederiksen)
03. Beautiful Lies (vocals – Jeff Paris)
04. The Piper (vocals – Steve Walsh)
05. Alibis (vocals – David Roberts)
06. When The Silence Gets Too Loud (vocals – Robin Beck)
07. You’ll Find The Fire (vocals – Jean Beauvoir)
08. Heart Come Alive (vocals – Bobby Kimball)
09. Start All Over (vocals – Jeff Paris)
10. If Only My Memory Could Lie (vocals – Dan Reed)
11. Just A Man (vocals – Fergie Frederiksen)
12. Give Me Your Loving (vocals – James Christian)
13. Memoriam (Instrumental in memory of Bruno Denander, Fergie Frederiksen, Jimi Jamison, Gary Moore & Chris Greer)
14. Natural Born Dreamer (vocals – Jeff Paris) [Japanese bonus track]

Tommy Denander – guitars, bass & keyboards
Lars Chris – drums
Ken Sandin – bass on 6
Jimi Jamison, Jeff Paris, Robin Beck, Jean Beauvoir, James Christian, Chris Ousey, Kevin Chalfant, Simon Peyron, Tommy Denander, David Palau – backing vocals

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PETERIK / SCHERER - Risk Everything (2015)

PETERIK / SCHERER - Risk Everything (2015) full

Jim Peterik, Grammy Award-winning songwriter and the man behind Survivor success, without a doubt has an ear for great vocalists. He 'discovered' Marc Scherer, a master jeweler by profession, when he was recording vocals for his group in Peterik's studio three years ago.
Since then, Peterik has wanted to craft songs and an album to showcase Scherer's superb vocals, and the result is "Risk Everything", a CD released by Frontiers Records under the names of both artists PETERIK / SCHERER.

And indeed, Scherer owns a powerful and melodic voice, a full five octave range. He can belt it out or bring it down to a whisper. And his voice is in the proper context.
Of course, Peterik has crafted classy AOR / Melodic Rock songs: lots of melody, harmony and groove with catchy refrains and vibrant guitar solos. Considering his nearly inexhaustible experience, sounds from Survivor to Toto to Journey, among others, come to mind.
Properly, not only do his commanding presence, the production keeps Scherer in front of the music; it's there to support and carry him along. And it sounds pretty fandamntastic too.

From the first crystal clean guitar tones in opener title track “Risk Everything” to the autobiographical undertones of brilliant storytelling and ultra-melodic grandeur of “Independence Day”, this album is everything fans of the genre could have asked for.
The music fittingly illustrates the stories told in Marc Scherer’s clean-cut voice, all embroidered with flawless vocal harmonies. But what perhaps what strikes here the most is the fact Jim Peterik still hasn’t run out of ideas for composing tunes that are catchy but tasteful, and simply captivating.

Plenty of tracks on the album are kept at a mid-tempo groove, ‘80s infused keyboard sound upfront and juxtaposed with rich lead guitar work like in “Chance Of A Lifetime”, “The Dying Of The Light”, “Cold Blooded” or the rocking “Brand New Heart”.

You have a few songs that blur the line between anthem and ballad as on “Desperate In Love”, its first part ballad-esque only to morph smoothly into an AOR Melodic mid-tempo further on. Also “The Crescendo” has this feeling, bringing to mind '80s Styx.
There’s also a true ballad, the charming, heart-tugging “How Long Is A Moment” with all that classic melodies we love.
Then, albeit somewhat tempered by tinkly keyboards, the distinct, thumping rhythm of “Milestones” reminds you classic Survivor with a 'fresh' vocalist.
One brilliant song after another, there’s hardly a highlight to be picked among the eleven songs on Risk Everything – each of them equally great.

"Risk Everything" is yet another jewel in Jim Peterik’s crown – an musician and songwriter that doesn’t need more recognition or acclaim, but the one who still can surprise a listener with quite a few melodic aces up his sleeve. And simultaneously, an album that put the relatively little known Marc Scherer in the same league as the mentioned singers Peterik’s previously collaborated with – Toby Hitchcock, Dave Bickler and the late, great Jimi Jamison.

Apart from perfectly crafted melodies, it’s Scherer’s range and clear vocal tone the biggest assets to the eleven songs on the record. Peterik is there to add harmony vocals and his share of strong guitar work / sparkling keyboard lines.
Yes, the combo PETERIK / SCHERER works like a charm, and let’s only hope – on behalf of all Melodic Rock aficionados out there – that "Risk Everything" it’s only the first of many albums released under their collaborative moniker.

01. Risk Everything
02. Chance Of A Lifetime
03. Cold Blooded
04. Desperate In Love
05. Thee Crescendo
06. The Dying of The Light
07. How Long Is A Moment
08. Brand New Heart
09. Broken Home
10. Milestones
11. Your Independence Day

Marc Scherer – lead vocals
Jim Peterik – guitars, keyboards, vocals
Ed Breckenfeld (Pride of Lions, Jimi Jamison) – drums
Nick Rich – drums
Klem Hayes (Pride of Lions) – bass
Bob Lizik (Dennis DeYoung, Pride of Lions) – bass
Bill Syniar (Survivor, Kelly Keagy) – bass
Mike Aquino (Mecca, Pride of Lions) – add. guitars

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